About Us

David and Eryn have been and done a great many things.  If you are interested you can see them all below.  These days, however, they enjoy being free and living the life they always wanted to live.

Father of three by way of adoption, David has been a preacher, a missionary, a synthetic organic chemist, a chiropractor, a non-profit starter, an Uber driver, but now spends most of his day helping the kids with homeschool, taking long nature walks, and writing songs professionally.

Mother to the same three wild and free kiddos, Eryn has been a loan officer, a professional baker and pastry chef, a licensed trauma counselor, a non-profit worker and trainer and coach for adoptive and foster parents, but now spends her days hanging with the kids, homeschooling, writing, and leading a large online wellness team as an independent Young Living distributor.

There's a whole lot more in their history not mentioned above that you might learn about on their new Unpodcast, "With The Joneses".

David and Eryn are committed to fully being themselves and giving themselves, and you!, permission to become more of who you want to be + live the life you want to live. 

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