Wednesday, April 15, 2020

WITH The Joneses, a New Podcast!

Hey all you Cool Cats and Kittens (jk)...
Guess what?! David and I have started a brand new podcast!

After the success of The Practical Minimalists podcasting has been on my heart and mind a lot.  But doing something without a partner can be laborious and lonely.  Eventually, several months after being asked, my Enneagram Nine husband decided to join me on an idea that we had been stewing over for a long time.

Who will our new show resonate with?
  • Anyone who feels like they are done with the world of self-help and seven steps
  • Third culture kids
  • Anyone who has had to make major life transitions
  • Enneagram enthusiasts
  • Anyone wanting a life filled with more of what they want than what they do not want
  • Anyone who needs permission to become more of who they want to be
  • Adoptive or Foster Parents
  • Anyone looking for connection to their fellow humans
As you can see this show does not have any one main direction, how-to, or success philosophy ;).  It's just an Unpodcast giving you a permission slip to let go of systems and embrace giving us a permission slip to do a podcast that has nothing to do with self help, how to, or expectations of any kind.
The first episode and show notes are below- thanks for listening!

Show Notes:

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