Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The Story Behind "You Be You"

Our Intro Song, You Be You, really is at the heart behind what we want to share and help you with- being your fullest self with no expectations. Here's David for some behind the scenes on the writing of this song:

"I wrote the chorus to “You Be You” a few years ago when I was thinking a lot about my son. He is such a unique and special kid, and I saw him trying to navigate the world and trying to fit himself into what society expected of him. I really wanted to be able to tell him to just be himself, and not fall in line with what everyone else wanted.
I realized over time, though, that my own admonishments for him to be himself were also putting pressure on him. Every time I told him to be real, all he felt was his dad trying to get him to do something. So I added the line “and you can take your time”, because I really wanted this to be a song free from pressure, free from expectations.
A little while later Eryn asked me to write a song for The Practical Minimalists Podcast, and I had this unfinished chorus that I thought would really fit in nicely with the idea of minimizing “shoulds” and expectations and pressures. From that point the verses flowed really easily, but I always view the whole song through that one line that is really my favorite: 'you be you, and you can take your time'."

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