Thursday, August 13, 2015

Rock The Lunchbox Vegan Version!

Have you heard of Rock The Lunchbox yet?

I'm all about finding resources for parents- we need all the help we can get sometimes!  Yesterday, I told you about my favorite store-bought snacks for lunches or after school and today I'm coming at you a recent find online: Rock The Lunchbox!  There are hundreds of pictures of home-made kid-approved lunches for inspiration.  The four main companies that are behind Rock The Lunchbox just happen to be regular parts of our lunches too :)  There are coupons on the site for their products.  Go check it out for some ideas, you can even check "gluten-free" and other specific diets!

Today's lunch is very vegan-friendly.  Every now and then we take a break from meat (dairy and eggs we usually don't eat) in our lunches.  Giving up meat isn't a huge deal because protein doesn't have to be much of a concern.  We keep Peas Please from Peeled and fun nut butters around to experiment with.  I love Wild Friend's nut butters because my kids will eat them without any honey or jelly!  Today's main course for lunch is a Sesame Cranberry Peanutbutter Roll-up with a GF tortilla and toothpicks.  Roll it up, place about 6 toothpicks 1"-2" apart, and cut with a serrated knife.

Wild Friend's and Peeled Snacks peas please for some protein 

Another trick I use is to pre-cut an apple into easy to eat slices.  I have a third grader with 5 missing teeth! and loves apples, but right now her few remaining teeth have some challenges with apples :)

TIP: Cut the apple with a peering knife, but not all the way down- stopping a half inch from completing the cut and then wrap a rubber band around the apple.  This way the apple stays whole and doesn't get brown during school!

Finally, I try to always make sure there is a raw crunchy veggie in the mix.  For some reason, when you cut it up into smaller parts, kids seem to like eating their veggies more ;)  My kids even will do raw okra.  (I know- I couldn't believe it myself!  They tried it accidentally one day and then started requesting it?!  So try it with your kids- you never know!)  Top off the lunchbox with a healthy juice-sweetened drink like Honest Kid's and Annie's Organic gummy bunnies (vegan too!) for a treat. 

Now go check out Rock The Lunchbox for more inspiring kid-friendly lunch ideas!

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