Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My Favorite Snacks On-The-Go

School is here!  So many of you have been dropping off your kids this week or beginning your homeschool curriculums.

Summer Mom is fun isn't she?  She has time for all sorts of pies, and treats, and home-made watermelon desserts, doesn't she?

But school-year Mom is different.  School Year mom needs extra time: more time for loving in the evenings, more time in the morning when someone just cannot find their shoes for the ever-loving 900th time ;), and more time to help ease the big transition back to school.  This is why I choose to cut some time in the kitchen.

The last several years I have researched which pre-packaged snacks I am comfortable with.  They are all gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free.  Some are nut products, some are raw, and some are low glycemic treats and won't break the bank on sugar!

Here is a list of my Go-To Snacks for the School Year:

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  • Flavored Nut Butter and Peanut Butter pouches- most of these are around 1 oz. so it's a good size for smaller tummies and also goes great if I remember to grab an apple for them too ;).  My favorite brands are Justin's (peanut butter ones for my kids since a couple of them have almond allergies), Artisana Organics (raw and come in several different nut flavors like walnut and pecan), and Wild Friends (very creative combos of flavors and Non-GMO!  They even have sunflower butter pouches for nut-free.  I usually will keep the Vanilla Espresso Almond Butter for myself as a quick afternoon pick me up with plenty of protein and a tiny bit of caffeine)
  • Dried Fruit Leathers.  When they are on sale I try to get Stretch Island Fruit Co., which are Non-GMO and tasty!  The more affordable option is Target's Simply Balanced fruit strips which my kids love too.
  • Hail Merry's Macaroons (many flavors: strawberry, lemon, caramel, chocolate, vanilla!) are a great treat and one or two is a great snack size for us!  These are Vegan, Raw, Organic, and Non-GMO- nothing to worry about!  They also have individual desserts for the occasional treat.
  • Annie's Homegrown Snacks has two gluten-free and dairy-free (but do contain soy) bunny-graham items in chocolate/vanilla and snicker doodle.  My kids really, really love their gummy bunnies too!
  • Peeled Snacks is this mom's fav-favs!  I fell in love with them several years ago and would order them to my door when I couldn't find them in stores!  They have a variety of no sugar, nothing added dried fruit snacks.  They now have new salty snacks too.  You know those pea crisps that your kids love?  Well Peeled's Peas Please are Non-GMO and Organic (and my kids like their brand better too :).
  • Honesttea's Honest Kid's juice boxes have great low-sugar content, are only sweetened with fruit juice and are Organic to boot.  Our kids also need to be hydrated after school and these help!
  • Finally, I will sometimes buy the dairy-free Kind Bar flavors.  My favorite is Madagascar Vanilla Almond.
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These are my opinions.  I was not approached by any of the previous brands and have not been paid to give my opinion.  Just a Mom of three providing resources for other mamas!

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