Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Our Morning Routine & Breakfast Smoothie

Back to School is coming!!!

That just made a teacher cringe somewhere :)

Well as much as I am enjoying our summer, I thought I would post a little video about what our back to school routine is each morning.  Our kids thrive on routine and consistency so I'm going to try and keep things pretty close to our formula every day.

This is the first year all THREE of mine will be in school.  I am cautiously hopeful I will enjoy it, but to be honest at this point, I am just hoping I don't cry every single night until my youngest goes to Kindergarten.  Is there a 20-hour-a-week public school?  Because I think I would like to do that!  Breaks are good, but it's just such a drastic jump since I have had all three of them home every day for the last two years!

Ok...I need to stop or I will start crying.  I always thought I would be one of those moms that finally drops their littlest one off at school with a, "See ya!" and go have a party!  I was wrong :)

Enjoy this video of our Back to School Routine.

Back to School Morning Routine from Eryn Jones on Vimeo.

Back to Breakfasts

We usually do a super simple breakfast.  A smoothie is a great go-to.  If I don't do a smoothie, I usually go for a Van's GF/DF/EggF waffle with fruit or a home-made high fiber baked good left over from something else I made.  I also add in some protein like Applegate's Chicken Sausage links (a fav of theirs and seen in the video:).

The main thing I try to avoid on school mornings is something high glycemic and sweet, like most cereals, where I know they will have a big let down before lunch.

I don't really do coffee.  Although if you do, try this recipe for a twist on your normal cup of joe.  I usually take a Ningxia Nitro and drink my citrus water while the kids eat, and then I have breakfast an hour later.

Our favorite smoothie right now is:

  • 1 cup greens (spinach, kale, sometimes I'll add a small amount of wheat grass or sprouts)
  • 1-2 frozen mangos (or 1 cup)
  • 1/2 pineapple
  • water to thin if needed
  • Just blend and enjoy!
Also try my other smoothie recipes like the Big Pink Smoothie

We love incorporating Essnetial Oils into our ever-day routine for a sensory rich day.  For more information, click on the Essential Oil tab.

** Disclaimer:  The above information is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease, illness, or symptom.  If you have questions about these things, please ask your health professional.  I do  not work for Young Living directly; however, I am an independent distributor.  I help people get started using oils every day and am always available to answer questions at pumpkinspantry (at) gmail (dot) com.

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