Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sweet recipes for your Valentine

Spent today looking back through the archives to find some ideas for my Valentine's Day weekend alone with the kiddos.  Thought I would share some of my favorite finds from over the years.  [I also noticed I have a thing for beets when it comes to recipe development ;)  Which is great for my health since they pack in tons of fiber and antioxidants with their rich purple-red goodness!]

I rarely use eggs and never use dairy, soy or gluten in my baking so all these treats are friendly to all sorts of allergies.

For the kiddos, a deceptively healthy Big Pink Smoothie (shhh! there's vegetables in there :)  I will make this one Valentines Day's Breakfast.

I just might make one for just me this weekend :)

Paleo Friendly Treats:

Cherry Surprise Ice Cream would be nice, but you might want to use frozen organic cherries this time of year.
 Chocolate Cherry Almond Blondies
These are Paleo AND Vegan friendly, which doesn't come around too often ;)
Grasshopper Cookie Pie could be my favorite recipe I have made myself.  I have re-made this one more than any other recipe.  This pie also fits the bill for Paleo or Vegans as well since the filling is no-bake and dairy and egg free.  You can also use peppermint essential oil in this if you want to replace the peppermint extract and since it's raw, you still get all the digestive benefits of the peppermint oil.
For the Healthier Chocolate Lover 

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