Monday, January 5, 2015

A Year to Run!

As I mentioned, this year is already off to a good start for my clan!  I see many fellow bloggers and face-book posters claiming words for this new year: Thankfulness.  Health and Wellness.  Abundance.

This has had my wheels spinning about what our word could be.  As I was talking tonight with David, the kids long asleep, we went over all the things that have been hindering us.  We have experienced major illnesses and surgeries, the death of a parent, starting a business from scratch, hurting children who struggle with things we never dreamed we would encounter, and so many more smaller trials over our last nine years together.  Yet, in all of those times, those desert times of intense struggling, we were also held back by something else.  Something we haven't been able to name until recently.

For myself, I am beginning to see that there have been struggles, yes.  But it hasn't just been the struggles that have held me down, hindering me from running loose.  I chose a lot of the hindering.  

I didn't chose it willingly.  But my eyes have slowly been opened to the things I have agreed with the enemy on for the last 32 years, deep things.  Things about who I am.

It has been as if I was working for a boss who kept me guessing about exactly what it was I was supposed to be doing as the worker.  I would work, and please, and work, and please- but none of it ever seemed to feel like enough.  Then one day, I realized I don't have to work at this place anymore!

That is a cheap analogy for what God has done in me over the past couple of years, but it's the best words can do.  At times, words are too simple to express the fullness of an experience. 

Conversely, at times, a single word can sum up so much more than pages of written experience.  And that is why, I am choosing a word for 2015.  I'm claiming it, and it is good.


Running free/ long/ wild/ light/ unburdened/ unhindered.

So there you have it, 2015.  The year for Running!

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