Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Healthy New Year

Ah, New Year's Resolutions...
Photo Cred: Stephen Jerkins
I have never been one to really make them.  I have tended to be more of a stand-and-watch-others-make-them type.  This was for many reasons, the main one being that I don't want to try to be my best self only at the beginning of the year.  That, and I'm also known for making over zealous goals that are not sustainable much past January 2nd!

But this year feels different...

Photo Cred: Carrie Joy Photography

On one hand it feels different because I'm starting off the New Year with an actual resolution, well, maybe more of a lifestyle change, or paradigm shift.  For so long I have used food as a way of self-reward, self-soothing, self-reliance, and any other self-hyphen word you can think of!  Food has always been something I could control, create with, and wield for better or for worse.  It seems like the last couple years I have slipped into the "worse" category.

I know this new way of thinking about, and experiencing food will actually be a lifestyle change because I began practicing it early during the holiday season.  Carrying it through the New Year is just a continuation of what I'm already doing.  My resolve is intact pre-New Year!

The New Year Me looks a little something like the following:  I am eating less sugar, and focusing on they "why's" of my eating.  Am I eating because I'm stressed?  Do I just want some feel-good feelings at the end of the day?  What do I really want to be controlling right now?  And is that even something I can actually control?  If I do want the feel-good feelings, I know where I can get them: a warm cup of tea or a hot bath, a deep talk with a friend or my husband, or inhaling some of my favorite calming smells.  All great options available to me any time!

This New Year Me will also be doing a Challenge with a wonderful group of people with accountability, daily check-ins, exercise ideas, recipes and more.  And the best part is that you can join me and this wonderful group!  To join in- contact me (side bar) for more information or check out more here.  Once you are a part of my team, you will receive more information and an invite to a Facebook group where we will all "gather" for the Challenge.

Try if you can to sign up before January 1st!  For anyone joining the fun Challenge by January 1st, there will be an additional gift from me to you! 

Here's to a Wonderful New, Healthier Year!
Photo Cred:  Stephen Jerkins

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