Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

I like to make my own birthday cake. Tuesday was my birthday. I slept in, doddled with my breakfast while rifling through my many blogs I follow. And I stumbled upon a recipe for a freezer cake and thought "I will make myself an ice cream treat to celebrate with my husband!" I know making your own cake doesn't sound like something you would want to be doing for your birthday, but for me it was extremely relaxing and rewarding (and I'm really picky, so I'm really the only cake maker who knows exactly what I want:). Also, he is planning a fun time for us on Saturday to really celebrate and I have made requests for what he can make for us then.

I made this cake from a couple of other blogger's posts, with only minor changes. It was really quick and easy to make. I'm also hoping the husband makes me this recipe from The Mommy Bowl soon...hint, hint :)

Raw Almond Joy Ice Cream Birthay Cake with Brownie Cookies

Also, if anyone is wondering why I have been MIA, I hope to explain in the next week or looking for an exciting post, Eryn

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