Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Watermelon Granita

Technically a granita is made with alcohol, sugar, liquid, and fruit and frozen. The alcohol prevents it from freezing to complete solid form, so that makes a Granita a partially-frozen frozen treat!

We aren't big alcohol drinkers around here, and I didn't have any on hand. However, if you wish to play around with this using Vodka, etc. you would need to freeze in your freezer (instead of ice cream maker), agitate it every hour or two, and when it's ready- shave off chunks of granita goodness into serving dishes.

I opted for a non-alcohol, quicker version. The texture of this is very much like granita, so that's what I'm calling it :) This is quite a refreshing after dinner treat. If your watermelon is very ripe, no sweetener should be needed. However, if you cut into your watermelon and it is not quite ripe enough, add some stevia or honey to sweeten it a bit.**

My inspiration for this came from a recipe I saw a long time ago that had popped into mind when I saw the watermelons at the Farmers Market. Does that ever happen to you, where something triggers your memory and reminds you of a recipe you saw on the internet a long time ago? Well, if you are an internet head/ recipe searching fool like me, then that happens all the time!

This recipe comes from Elana's Pantry. I didn't change much regarding ingredients, but just changed proportions to make it into a different form: a dessert rather than a drink. Hope you enjoy it!

Watermelon Granita

Inspired by This Recipe from Elana's Pantry
Serves 2-4Ingredients
  • 4 cups very ripe watermelon (about a half of a medium sized water melon- like the one in the pics)** see note above
  • 1/4 cup lime juice
  • Puree the watermelon with the lime juice in a blender until smooth
  • Freeze in ice cream maker (I use this one) until mostly frozen.
  • Scoop out and serve immediately as this will quickly de-freeze, and enjoy!
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  1. Oh gosh this looks so refreshing! What a great summer treat! Thanks for sharing it at this week's Sugar Free Sunday. Also thanks for the encouraging email about Velvet Aroma!

  2. YUM! I have just been thinking about watermelons lately.


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