Thursday, February 24, 2011

Coconut and Banana Cream Pie Truffles

Last night I was craving something creamy and pie-like. I have begun to see the usefulness of bananas and coconut products to replace my desire for the "creamy". I used to be a custard lovin', ice cream eating gal. I have now gone completely dairy free, but I refuse to give up eating yummy treats- so I came up with this recipe!

These truffles are super quick, cheap, and EASY! And you can fancy them up if you are making them for guests. Just dip them in a chocolate glaze, ganache, or coating chocolate ( which wouldn't be dairy-free, of course, but just because I can't eat it doesn't mean you can't :). I rolled mine in carob powder, but some cocoa powder mixed with coconut sugar or other sweetener would also work.

And, yes, this truffle recipe is all raw. I have two more weeks of raw you all are getting mostly the recipes I am making at home right now. I promise this blog won't turn into a Raw Food blog. BUT, raw food never hurt anybody. When you heat food you decompose some of the vitamins in your food (source: my husband, the Chemist). And I want all the vitamins I can get!

Coconut and Banana Cream Pie Truffles: makes 12 truffles


- ¾ cup unsulfured, unsweetened shredded coconut, or flakes (I use Bob’s or whatever I find cheapest at Whole Foods)

- 2 T coconut oil (virgin and unrefined works best), melted or softened

- ½ banana

- 1 rounded Tbsp of cashew meal (you can make meal from cashews by blending them in a food processor or coffee grinder)

- Coconut Nectar to taste (this raw sweetener is great if you want them more sweet…my tolerance for “sweet” is pretty low), or you could use your sweetener of choice

- Carob or Cocoa powder for dusting (optional)

- Lined tray, plate, or pan to go in freezer


- Mix the coconut, coconut oil, banana, and cashew meal in a bowl until mushy and well combined, I just used a bowl and the back of a spoon, but you can place in a f

- Then scoop onto lined tray into 12 tsp sized balls

- Place in freezer for 10-15 minutes until hardened

- Roll in carob or cocoa powder if desired, or if you decide to dip them in some kind of chocolate (coating, glaze)- make sure the chocolate is cooled and you have frozen them for at least 30 minutes before-hand

These would be great to make 3 or 4 batches of to keep in the freezer for snacks, or treats for kids.

Happy treat making,

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