Monday, May 4, 2020

Episode 4: Rethinking Opposites

True story- had to look up how to spell “opposite” a few times- it’s a weird one that breaks normal grammar rules!  Or are we all saying it wrong 🧐🧐...

David and I chat in this episode about how opposites really aren’t that “opposing” when you dig deep.  As always, we give you some personal examples.

Show Notes:
David's song Boys and Girls and People
Funny Zoom Meme
Middleditch and Schwartz
Parks and Rec Reunion
All Things Reconsidered by Knox McCoy

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Monday, April 27, 2020

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The Story Behind "You Be You"

Our Intro Song, You Be You, really is at the heart behind what we want to share and help you with- being your fullest self with no expectations. Here's David for some behind the scenes on the writing of this song:

"I wrote the chorus to “You Be You” a few years ago when I was thinking a lot about my son. He is such a unique and special kid, and I saw him trying to navigate the world and trying to fit himself into what society expected of him. I really wanted to be able to tell him to just be himself, and not fall in line with what everyone else wanted.
I realized over time, though, that my own admonishments for him to be himself were also putting pressure on him. Every time I told him to be real, all he felt was his dad trying to get him to do something. So I added the line “and you can take your time”, because I really wanted this to be a song free from pressure, free from expectations.
A little while later Eryn asked me to write a song for The Practical Minimalists Podcast, and I had this unfinished chorus that I thought would really fit in nicely with the idea of minimizing “shoulds” and expectations and pressures. From that point the verses flowed really easily, but I always view the whole song through that one line that is really my favorite: 'you be you, and you can take your time'."

Monday, April 20, 2020

Episode Two: With Kids Staying Home

Episode Two is out!  Every so often we with be doing these WITH episodes to help you find connection and things in common with your fellow humans.  We can often find freedom in connecting over the things we have in common, instead of focusing on the small percentage of things where we differ. 
Right now all of us who have children are, well, staying home with them...all the time.  This leads to some pretty crazy and interesting stories.  This episode features some listener funnies!  Whether your kids are painting walls, learning to talk to animals, or being uber responsible and cleaning their rooms every day, we are all dealing with some of the same things.  This episode is for anyone who wants to feel a little more connected or who needs a laugh!
Show notes:

Show Contributors:

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

WITH The Joneses, a New Podcast!

Hey all you Cool Cats and Kittens (jk)...
Guess what?! David and I have started a brand new podcast!

After the success of The Practical Minimalists podcasting has been on my heart and mind a lot.  But doing something without a partner can be laborious and lonely.  Eventually, several months after being asked, my Enneagram Nine husband decided to join me on an idea that we had been stewing over for a long time.

Who will our new show resonate with?
  • Anyone who feels like they are done with the world of self-help and seven steps
  • Third culture kids
  • Anyone who has had to make major life transitions
  • Enneagram enthusiasts
  • Anyone wanting a life filled with more of what they want than what they do not want
  • Anyone who needs permission to become more of who they want to be
  • Adoptive or Foster Parents
  • Anyone looking for connection to their fellow humans
As you can see this show does not have any one main direction, how-to, or success philosophy ;).  It's just an Unpodcast giving you a permission slip to let go of systems and embrace giving us a permission slip to do a podcast that has nothing to do with self help, how to, or expectations of any kind.
The first episode and show notes are below- thanks for listening!

Show Notes:
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